Understanding how a disposable vape pen works

dispsosable vape


A disposable vape will most often be shaped like a small pen or USB-shaped device. However, devices are getting bigger by the day and can now resemble larger “box mod” style vapes with puff counts of over 10000. Despite their different shapes, sizes, and puff counts, disposables are made up of the same five key components:

Outer casing and mouthpiece
Tank or cotton pad
Vape juice
*Charging port (on re-chargeable disposables only)

The vape juice containing nicotine, CBD or delta-8, etc., is stored in a tank or within high-quality filament material, that is used to hold the e-liquid until the coil is heated thereby producing the vapor that is then inhaled through the mouthpiece. The majority of disposable pens cannot be re-charged and can only be vaped once; however, some larger disposables will now feature a charging port that can be used to re-charge the device once the battery has run out.
disposable vape taken apart

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